A-A Amazon Automation


Amazon to Amazon is probably the safest method now adays for Dropshipping. If you are still using Sams Club, Walmart, and other retailers to Dropshipping on Amazon, you really need to switch to Amazon to Amazon Dropshipping Model.

Customer’s order products from your Amazon Seller Account, you fulfill them using an Amazon Business Prime (purchasing account) and they get products in Amazon Prime Box. Not Walmart Box, Not Sams Box!

Apart from A-A, we do list and sell items from various other retailers like; Target, Brumate, Woodcraft, Woot, Quill, GNC, Logitech, Bed Bath & Body, BJs, Cost way, Chewy and the list goes on.

01. Onboarding Call/Chat


To identity if you and us are a ‘Good Fit’ for each other!

02. Contract


Some legal paperwork to secure both parties (Client and Automation Company)

03. Required


– Credit Card limit of at-least $5000 for new accounts and $20,000 for aged accounts
– New or 6-8 months Old Amazon Seller Store
– $5-6K in Start Up Capital
– Even if you do not have an Amazon Seller Account, we can help you out with creating one

04. Team Assigning


Assigning your store to VAs and a dedicated manager. Sharing your dedicated drive links – login credential of buyer and seller accounts.

05. Equipment


Buying dedicated system for your account.

06. Account Setup


Setting up your seller central, purchasing accounts and any other LLC documents if needed.

07. First 2 Weeks


Hunting and listing products (for new and aged accounts), Assigning you a live Sales/Profit sheet

08. First Month


Finishing off the month with $3000+ in sales (for new accounts) and $20-30K in sales (for aged accounts) by bringing in 20-30% in pure net profits. Sending profit/sales sheet. Reconciliations – getting paid and getting ready for another exciting and productive month.

Requirements are:


    • New or an aged (6-8 months older) Amazon seller central store (USA marketplace)
    • $5-6K in working capital that goes towards automation service fee, equipment, staff salaries, and setup cost
    • Credit Limit of at least $5K-30K a month to fulfill orders
    • To be able to purchase an Amazon business prime account + 1 software subscription
What we offer:


  • Dedicated support of 1 manager + 2-4 VAs per account Scaling up your store to $3000 in first month, $7-8000 in second and $20K plus
  • in third month (for new accounts. Older Accounts can do $50-100K on very first month)
  • Making sure to hit 20-30% in pure net profits (after Amazon fee and cost)
  • Minimizing your credit spent and helping your cash flow
  • Continuous customer support and A-Z management of your store
  • Be the brand ambassadors of your store and bringing your investment back within the 8-10 weeks’ time
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Amazon to Amazon Dropshipping Explained

Greetings! We have been doing Dropshipping on Amazon for last 3-4 years now and have seen all ins and outs. Dealt with various Dropshipping retailers like Sams Club, Walmart, Costco, Home Depot etc. and have seen all kinds of Dropshipping violations.

It is no secret that Amazon deactivates stores as soon as someone receives a Sams Club box, someone complains about a Dropshipping or another retailer packaging. That is why we came up with a solution which has been working for us for past 12-13 months now.

Amazon to Amazon Dropshipping Explained

Amazon lets you list most of the products under the same listing as long as you can compete with the competition. That means, you can buy from the same listing and sell it again on the same listing. If you want to do a little experiment, search any major listings, and see how many sellers are actually there in one listing offering the same product. It says ‘See new offer from 12 or X amount of other sellers’.
Have you ever ordered anything from Amazon? It comes in a prime box, you rip it off and you through out the box. Have you ever read the seller name? Answer is probably NO. That is what’s the key role player here. Instead of getting products in Sams Club boxes, customers receive products in Amazon Boxes and they never doubt it has been actually drop-shipped.
While placing the orders from Amazon buyer account/prime account, we select ‘send as a gift’ which hides the receipt and customer never sees the actual amount of product bought. Same tracking that we get from business prime is converted and uploaded on seller account.
Try finding an item, writing down its price on a note pad and coming back in a few days to see a drastic price change. Try putting a software to work and see Amazon’s price change history. Amazon’s product pricing changes every day, and in some cases every few hours. Amazon sellers have a LIMIT of products they sell which forces Amazon to rotate the sales among all offers under one listing. Almost everyone offering the competitive pricing makes a fair share of profit and if you can manage to win Buy Box, you make tons of sales for that listing. Once you have the buy box, you control the pricing and gets a bigger slice of that cake.

Well, when a customer asks for a refund/return, we simple go to our business prime account and request a refund from the original seller. They issue us a return label which we download and upload it to the seller central (our customer) and that’s done.

We use different softwares to convert the TBA tracking unless tracking is from FedEx or UPS. In some cases, tracker bot, OA genius or Shipper Bay helps too when you need urgent tracking which can be later replaced with the original one.
We all know that anything under 90% is not acceptable at Amazon. Whether that is your tracking rate, on time delivery or other matrix. We have been doing it for a couple years and we won’t be able to run stores if the health was not good. We keep an eye on your Matrixes and make sure to monitor you performance notifications and feedbacks on a daily basis. Replying to customers in a timely manner, asking for feedback removals, and reviewing Amazon’s new policies every other week helps us staying on top of the things.
With this unique model we have seen a minimum of 40 and a maximum of 80% profit margins (unlike our regular automation program of 15-20% profit margins).
We can’t give away everything but our management team apply some sweet tricks and tips including shipping charges, 2-day delivery, buy box competitiveness and much more which makes us stay on top of the game and bring you extra % in net profits.
Are you tired of watching success stories of Amazon FBA but not getting any sales? Well we hate to break it to you but only a few percentage of people succeed in FBA. Drop-shipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells physically in stock. Instead, when a store sells an item, it purchases the item from a third party supplier and has it shipped directly to the customer. Unlike FBA, you do not have to spend thousands in PPC ads, sampling, reviews, photography and other expenses. Our profit margins are above 25% on drop-shipping model which honestly is more than some FBA stores 😉

Form Submission > Schedule an onboarding call > Signing the contract > Getting documents ready (tax exemptions etc.) > Updating Credentials > Listing products and enjoying profits!


Once signed up with us, we ensure your Amazon store is set up and ready to be successfully automated whether it is brand new, or an aged store transferred to our management teams. We provide you an Onboarding Checklist, a Contract, and a Google Spreadsheet (to upload credentials) and Viola!

Full-time Management

Our dedicated partners and teams of Amazon selling experts monitor and scale your store to new heights. We manage your inventory, sales, customer service & store entirely.

Generate Revenue

The purpose of an Amazon Automation business is to earn passive income. This is what our teams largely do for clients while targeting a 40-80% net profit margin. Additionally, you would need an aged (6-8 months older) store to get those sales.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch! Our VA’s work for you day and night, scale your store in return of a profit split. There is no VA/manager who work with us on a Salary basis & that is what motivates them. We ask a profit split at the end of the month once you already paid your credit card bills and kept your share. It is that easy! you make money, we make money!