Facebook Automation


Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping is one of the simplest ways to start selling products online. Our team helps you in finding the products from different retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Sams Club, Home Depot etc. and then list it on your Facebook Marketplace. When a customer places and order on your Facebook Marketplace, our team then ships that order to the customer directly from supplier’s website.

01. Onboarding Call/Chat


To identity if you and us are a ‘Good Fit’ for each other!

02. Contract


Some legal paperwork to secure both parties (Client and Automation Company)

03. Required


– Credit Card limit of $5K+
– New or Old Facebook Account (We can help you with setting up Marketplace)
– $2-3K in Start Up Capital
– An active Facebook Account

04. Team Assigning


Assigning your store to VAs and a dedicated manager. Sharing your dedicated drive links – login credential of buyer and seller accounts.

05. Account Setup
Sourcing products, creating templates, listing items, taking care of any setup related issue.
06. First Month


At the end of the month, Sending profit/sales sheet. Reconciliations – getting paid and getting ready for another exciting and productive month.