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Dropshipping is a method for the retail of items in which the retailer acts as a middle man. The store does not keeps stocks of products, but transfers the orders of their customers to a wholesaler, the manufacturer of the product or another retailer and the order is shipped directly to the customer from them.

Many e-commerce giants in today’s world started with dropshipping. The best example is Amazon. Dropshipping is better for you than other businesses if you want to enter the e-commerce field in your future. But, there are many facts about dropshipping that people generally do not know about. In this article, we will discuss some of these unknown facts about dropshipping and how these may affect your dropshipping business.

Unknown Facts about Dropshipping

  • The common belief of some people is that dropshipping stores only sell cheap or low-quality products or products that they want to sell in bulk. But this idea is wrong. In fact, you can sell anything you want. You can sell items such as unique or expensive items and imported products on your dropshipping stores as long as there are customers who want to buy them. This relies only upon your preferences and the customers’ need. Many businesses and companies nowadays allow dropshipping stores to sell their products.
  • But, another thing to keep in mind is that not every company or store you approach will allow you to sell their products on your dropshipping store. Many of these have tie-ups with e-commerce websites or other dropshipping stores and may be unwilling to give you a chance. This is one of the biggest problems about dropshipping that it is hard to get suppliers for your store. But don’t lose hope. If you put enough effort and have patience, you will find someone who will give you a chance.

Dropshipping is a risky business, and it has its pros and cons. Unlike other businesses it does make good and quick money. You do not have to wait months to make your investment back + some profit too. Similarly, it has its cons too; Even if you are doing everything right, Amazon and Walmart can send a violation your way to warn you to stay on tracks.

Anyone who has done Dropshipping would know that getting accounts suspended is very common. So how do we stay in business and still have something sustainable?

Well, here is what we suggest. Have multiple streams of income (using different seller accounts) and be prepared for suspensions. Instead of having one Walmart account and relying on it with all your investment, start Walmart and Amazon together, maybe Facebook too or a couple more of Amazon stores. In this business, you must play your cards right. Instead of putting $50K on one Amazon store, divide it and put that in 2 stores. Buy a couple brand new Amazon stores too on the side so they make you something as well.

If you get one suspended, while we work hard to get it back (and we have a good success ratio in getting accounts back), you still have income coming from other stores. What happens when you have multiple good stores working fine? You sell one of it for a lump sum payment along with the LLC (just like a property) and continue with the others.

Dropshipping is never dead and with right strategies and tactics, you can excel in this business and can make biggest bang of your buck.