Walmart DS Automation

Walmart Dropshipping Automation Service

Did you know? Walmart only has 50,000-70,000 seller’s vs 4 million sellers on Amazon. With a 79% growth in e-commerce sale last year, Walmart Marketplace — the world’s second-largest online marketplace — is closing in on No. 1 Amazon. This leaves Dropshipping professionals and e-commerce suppliers wondering, “How can we get in on the action, too?”

If you want to dropship with Walmart, you need to learn the rules. With all the policy changes and new programs, it’s hard to keep track of what’s allowed and what isn’t, never mind what some less-than-trustworthy sources tell you. Luckily, we have learnt the art of scaling stores to six figures with above 18-35% in net profits.

01. Onboarding Call/Chat


To identity if you and us are a ‘Good Fit’ for each other!

02. Contract


Some legal paperwork to secure both parties (Client and Automation Company)

03. Required


– Credit Card limit of at-least $15-20K
– An Approved Walmart Seller Account (If you do not have one, check out our Instant Walmart Approval)
– $5-6K in Start Up Capital

04. Team Assigning


Assigning your store to VAs and a dedicated manager. Sharing your dedicated drive links – login credential of buyer and seller accounts.

04. Equipment


Buying/assigning dedicated system for your account.

05. Account Setup


Setting up your Walmart Seller Account, purchasing accounts, and any tracking software if needed

07. First 2 Weeks


Hunting and listing products (for new and aged accounts), fulfilling orders, managing customer care service and assigning you a live Sales/Profit sheet

08. First Month


Finishing off the month with $10K+ in sales (for new accounts) and $20-30K in sales (for aged accounts) by bringing in 20-30% in pure net profits. Sending profit/sales sheet. Reconciliations – getting paid and getting ready for another exciting and productive month.

Requirements are:


  • New or an aged (6-8 months older) Walmart Seller store (USA marketplace)
  • $5-6K in working capital that goes towards automation service fee, equipment, staff salaries, and setup cost
  • Credit Limit of at least $10-20K a month to fulfill orders
  • To be able to purchase an Amazon business prime account + 1 software subscription
What we offer:


  • Dedicated support of 1 manager + 2-4 VAs per account
  • Scaling up your store to gradually each month
  • Making sure to hit 20-30% in pure net profits (after Walmart fee and cost)
  • Minimizing your credit spent and helping your cash flow
  • Continuous customer support and A-Z management of your store
  • Be the brand ambassadors of your store and bringing your investment back within the 4-8 weeks’ time
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Form Submission > Schedule an onboarding call > Signing the contract > Getting documents ready (tax exemptions etc.) > Updating Credentials > Listing products and enjoying profits!

Once signed up with us, we ensure your Walmart store is set up and ready to be successfully automated whether it is brand new, or an aged store transferred to our management teams. We provide you an Onboarding Checklist, a Contract, and a Google Spreadsheet (to upload credentials) and Viola!

Full-time Management
Our dedicated partners and teams of Walmart selling experts monitor and scale your store to new heights. We manage your inventory, sales, customer service & store entirely.

Generate Revenue
The purpose of a Walmart Automation business is to earn passive income. This is what our teams largely do for clients while targeting a 20-35% net profit margin.

What’s the catch?
There is no catch! Our VA’s work for you day and night, scale your store in return of a profit split. There is no VA/manager who work with us on a Salary basis & that is what motivates them. We ask a profit split at the end of the month once you already paid your credit card bills and kept your share. It is that easy! you make money, we make money!