Amazon Wholesale FBA Automation


Amazon Wholesale Automation is a business model when you buy bulk branded products from another manufacturer to resell to your Amazon customers. Amazon is a Marketplace that enables third-party sellers to sell new or used products and lot of the times those brands does not allow Dropshippers to sell their products.

In this program, we work with different brands in getting approvals so we can sell their exclusive products on Amazon. Once we have all ducks in a row, we send bulk inventory to one of the Amazon’s warehouses and they take care of the rest.

01. Onboarding Call/Chat


To identity if you and us are a ‘Good Fit’ for each other!

02. Contract


Some legal paperwork to secure both parties (Client and Automation Company)

03. Required


– Working Capital of at-least $10-$15K (For product bulk purchases)
– New or Old Amazon Seller Store
– $8-10K in Start Up Capital
– Even if you do not have an Amazon Seller Account, we can help you out with creating one

04. Team Assigning


Assigning your store to VAs and a dedicated manager. Sharing your dedicated drive links – login credential of buyer and seller accounts.

05. Formation and Reseller Permits


Getting you an LLC, Reseller Permits, EIN, or any other related permits for Wholesale FBA business

06. Website Design


Designing your brand website and dedicated email addresses which are necessary for brand approval.

07. Brand Approvals


Reaching out to brands and getting Brand Approvals. Sorting out products and ordering their minimum order quantity

08. First 2 Months


Wholesale FBA is a lengthy process unlike Amazon Dropshipping. It can take up to 30-40 days to get Brand Approvals and ordering the bulk product inventory. Amazon warehouse takes its own time as well, but you can expect to make sales in 2nd month. Sales volume and profit percentage varies on product quantity ordered, product categories and bunch of other factors.

Requirements are:


  • Brand New or an aged (6-8 months older) Amazon seller central store (USA marketplace)
  • $8-10K in working capital that goes towards automation service fee, equipment, staff salaries, and setup cost and ordering products
  • Working Capital of at least $10-15K a month to order inventory
What we offer:


  • Dedicated support of 1 manager + 2-4 VAs per account
  • Getting all the formation documents for your business which includes LLC to all permits that are needed
  • Website designing and being your brand ambassador to reach out to different suppliers in the US and get approvals
  • Minimizing your credit and cash spent and helping your cash flow
  • Continuous customer support and A-Z management of your store
  • Be the brand ambassadors of your store and bringing your investment back within the 15-20 weeks’ time
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